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Welcome to the Dragons Gate Wiki!

The Dragons Gate Campaign is a persistent living-world Pathfinder campaign. We use the virtual tabletop Roll20, a forum to plan and communicate,  an IRC Channel for chatting and pick-up games, and Discord / Ventrilo for voice chat casually or during sessions.

What Is Dragons Gate About?

Dragons Gate is a persistent Pathfinder campaign. We have a small admin staff, many GMs and many more players that regularly participate in sessions set in various locations within the Dragons Gate Campaign (on a world called Orr). Most sessions are standalone (one-shot) sessions but they happen within the context of various plot arcs and a living world with many other adventures and world/region plots happening around you. Sessions often allow you to affect the world around you meaningful ways that become part of the world and future adventures.

Some sessions are scheduled ahead of time on the forum, but most are pick-up games from player or GM request on IRC. Typically players hang out in IRC discussing the world, requesting magic item crafting (or offering crafting services), or just casually chatting. When a GM is available to host a session they let everyone know and, if there are enough players or interest, a session is set up. This offers tremendous flexibility for who can play and when. If you can't commit to a weekly game, that's not a problem! The Dragons Gate experience is designed specifically so that different characters can level at their own pace, play when they can, and still feel that they are relevant to the world around them.

Games are typically played daily and a 3-level spread ("1-3", "14-16", etc.) makes games even more accessible. We also have coverage for both U.S. and European evenings, though games can occur at any time throughout the day.

This wiki is for informational purposes. If you would like to join, please sign up on the forum and submit your first character. Please be sure to read the Character Creation Guidelines and ask any questions you may have!